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+420 558 441 661 Jamnická 116, Frýdek-Místek 8:00-14:00

Main activities of the company

  • Parts of cranes
  • Parts of construction machines
  • Mixing technology
  • Small bridge units (road bridges and foot bridges up to 40t)
  • Lifting and levelling platforms
  • Parts for mining industry

Manufacturing processes and equipment

Flame cutting
Flame cutting machine operated by CNC, it enables to cut sheets of size 2000 x 6000 mm.
Cut thickness 10 up to 200 mm.

Plasma cutting
Two cutting machines, both CNC. Working surface 2x6m and 2,5x13m.
We use sources Hypertherm A130 and A260. Cut thickness up to 30 mm.

Profile cutting
For profile separation we use band saws BOMAR. We hold 6 saws. Maximum width of the profile is 500 mm for streight section. We can also cut in angle of max 75 degrees.

Sheet metal shearing
For sheet metal shearing we use hydraulic cutters max. length of cut 3000mm max. thickness of sheet 10mm.

Pipe shearing
For pipe shearing we use 3 hydraulic presses. Maximum length of cut 350 mm. Pressing force 160 t.

For blasting of smaller or broken segments we use 2 blasting booths 6 x 3m with hand-operated blasting unit. As blasting medium we use iron grit. For blasting of profile we use 2 continuous jets 500x350mm and 800x600mm. As blasting medium we use steel granulate.
Since September 2013 we use the new blasting and metallizing box with dimensions of 21 x 4,5 x 3,3 M.

For bending we use CNC folding brake. Pressing force 120To. Working surface 3m.

This production process we solve with hand-operated 2pcs and table bevelling machines 3pcs,eventually bigger bevels, cutters 2pcs.

Lathe turning
SU 40 technical parametres :400mm; 1500 mm
SU 50 technical parametres :

4 pcs VR2: 20 mm; MORSE 3
2 pcs VR4A : 50 mm; MORSE 4
3 pcs VR6A : 80 mm; MORSE 5

Horisontal boring
WHN 130, digital measuring
ISO 50 axes X1950mm Y 2000mm

V100, digital measuring
ISO 50 axes X1450 Y 1450mm

VHN9A 2 pcs, digital measuring
ISO 40 axes X1200 Y 1200mm

WHN 9 B digital measuring
ISO 40 axis X 1250 Y 800

WHN 13.8 operating system Heidenhain TNC 155
ISO 50 axis X 3500 Y 2450

Machining shop is equipped with all available technologies, progressive boring. Cutters with exchangeable cutting tips, sizing rods. That is why we are able to work in H7 tolerance up to parameter 120mm and start at accuracy 0.005mm.

We have milling cutters in plant Dobrá 4 two milling cutters of type FA 5U and two of type FA32 are used for cutting of smaller segments as well as for grooving. We hold two lathes of types SU 40 and SU 50.

One of the most important production processes is assembling and straightening of weldments. We employ more than 100 assemblers of steel constructions. Most products (because it is serial manufacturing) are produced in precise levelling fixtures.

Welding by induce welding aggregate. To meet high requirements on weld quality we have to use efficient welding aggregates FRONIUS and ESAB. In all 6 plants we hold more than 80 welding aggregates. Our welding capacity represents ca 20000 hours monthly. 


For spraying we use high-pressure spraying aggregates.
Size of the spraying booth 18 x 5m.

The company holds three trucks for transport Renault Magnum 480 and 430, Renault Premium 385 with trailers Kögel and Fliegl. Also Avia-Daewoo D90 EL and two smaller trucks Hyundai – H1. The company uses for handling its own truck crane Liebherr-LMT 1030/1 with possibility of freight handling of weight up tp 20 t.